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Co-parenting tips to enhance success

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Family Law |

Raising children as co-parents isn’t always easy. Both adults must be willing to do what it takes to improve the chance of the situation being successful.

Putting the children first is one of the most critical things co-parents can do. This often means putting their wishes aside and focusing only on what the kids need.

Leave the past alone 

It’s often difficult for co-parents to leave the past behind. The reasons for the split don’t matter as long as there wasn’t any issue with abuse. It may help co-parents to focus solely on how the children are faring instead of on what’s happening between the adults.

Find suitable communication methods 

Communication is the foundation of co-parenting. This will only work if both parties can remain almost businesslike when talking. Keeping conversations limited to the children and having suitable conflict resolution methods are critical. While most co-parents use various communication methods, some may have to limit communication to texts or other digital options.

Always compromise 

Part of doing what’s best for the children is being flexible. Both co-parents must be willing and able to compromise, even when it puts them in a less-than-ideal spot. Parenting time is one area that you may have to be particularly flexible about. For example, if out-of-town family members are visiting, it may be best to let the children spend time with them, even if it is the other parent’s time.

The parenting plan is the backbone of co-parenting. It should provide clear duties and responsibilities for both adults so everyone knows exactly what to do. Getting this set quickly can help everyone to settle in as fast as possible.