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Considerations if traveling overseas with children after a divorce

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Family Law |

As summer approaches your thoughts may turn toward booking a family holiday. If you are in the process of divorcing or have recently divorced, then there will be some special considerations to take into account.

Here are some to understand:

You need permission to alter the custody schedule

Once you put a custody schedule in place you are legally obligated to abide by it. Or rather not to break it without the other parent’s consent. As a foreign vacation may disrupt the normal schedule, be sure the other parent is OK with it before booking things. Remember you may need to give them time with the kids in return to even things out.

You need written permission to exit the country 

If you do not have written permission from the other parent, or a court, then airport agents will likely refuse your children permission to board the plane. This is not just because you are divorced – a married parent still needs permission to fly with the kids overseas without the other parent. It’s just that if you always traveled together, you may never have realized this.

Put communication methods in place

While you might enjoy a total break from your ex your children may not. They may still want to talk to their other parent, if only for a little bit. Try to agree on how this will work with your co-parent before setting off. They don’t want to be left incommunicado all week and you don’t want them disrupting your time away by ringing up every five seconds to check how the kids are.

Discussing overseas trips is one of the many things to consider when creating a custody agreement. Consider legal guidance to understand your options and make appropriate choices.