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Establishing Paternity For Unmarried Parents

Unlike in a divorce, when unmarried parents need to establish child support, custody and visitation, they first must establish paternity. As in all matters involving children, it is vital to find the legal solutions that are in your child’s best interests.

Parents in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas can resolve paternity matters with help from attorney David W. Smith II. He is dedicated to finding customized solutions to suit each family’s individual circumstances.

DNA Tests And Protecting Your Rights

All too often, individuals do not think about pursuing or questioning paternity, much less seeking help from a family law lawyer. In addition to seeking visitation rights, you could also potentially be paying child support for a child that isn’t yours. No matter what the circumstances, legal advice and guidance can be beneficial to your case.

If a child’s parentage is not yet established, Mr. Smith will help you through the process of obtaining DNA tests. Based on those results, he will advocate on your behalf to establish custody, visitation and support, or take other appropriate legal action.

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