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Guidance Through The Probate Process

Through probate, Oklahoma law provides a method to determine a deceased person’s assets and debts, assess value of the estate and distribute assets to heirs, as well as creditors. Although it is not a requirement, assistance from a dedicated lawyer can help to ensure administration of an estate occurs as efficiently and accurately as possible.

For the probate of estates in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, attorney David W. Smith II is ready to guide you through. Whether you are the personal representative of the estate, an heir or another involved party, Mr. Smith will work with you to ensure your interests are represented and protected.

A Strong, Effective Legal Advocate

The purpose of probating an estate is to achieve the following:

  • Identify, collect and value property
  • Pay taxes and debts
  • Distribute assets to intended beneficiaries (identified by will or state law if no will)
  • Legally and securely transfer real estate

As your lawyer, Mr. Smith will assist you through the entire probate process, from gathering of property to transferring assets to addressing will contests or other disputes. He will be a strong advocate on your side, working toward an effective administration of the deceased person’s estate.

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