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An Attorney Serving The LGBT Community

LGBT couples in Texas and Oklahoma have additional and unique legal issues to take into consideration when dealing with family law or estate planning concerns. As an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, David Smith can help you understand the legal landscape and the options available to protect yourself and your family.

Need help with an LGBT family law or estate planning matter? Contact David W. Smith II PLLC to arrange for a free initial consultation with an attorney for LGBT legal matters at 469-460-8980 or by using our online request form.

Competent Guidance in Family Law & Estate Planning Matters

David provides dedicated representation to LGBT couples in all matters, including:

Same-sex divorce.

If the marriage does not work out as you had hoped, David provides the legal representation you need to protect your interests and part ways with your spouse with minimal stress or unneeded strain.

Child custody.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents may face unique challenges when it comes to child custody disputes. These often involve issues related to custody for parents who are not biologically related to a child. David can serve as your advocate and help you overcome those challenges to protect the parent-child relationship.

Prenuptial or premarital agreements.

David helps couples who wish to create a legal framework to structure assets before they are married. This provides protection to both spouses and a clear understanding of how divorce or other conditions should be handled.

Estate planning issues.

Whether you are single or married, whether you have no children or several children, including those from previous marriages, you can benefit from an estate plan. David creates the estate plan you need to protect your interests and loved ones.


For many same-sex couples and LGBT people, adoption is the most practical way of expanding a family. David provides the tools and representation needed to adopt children and create new and loving families.

Burial directives.

David formalizes your last wishes for internment and burial through comprehensive burial directives.

If you have any other family law or estate planning legal issues that you wish to resolve with the help of a caring and experienced LGBT attorney, please do not hesitate to contact David W. Smith II PLLC. Our goal is to provide effective and efficient legal solutions so that you can move forward in life with peace of mind and security.