Driving Under the Influence

Are You Facing Drunk Driving Charges?

If you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI, it is critical that you take it seriously. Even if this was your first and only criminal offense, the state is ready to hand down strict sentences, including costly fines, a suspended driver’s license and possible jail time.

Attorney David W. Smith II is prepared to defend your rights during this process. David understands exactly what is on the line for you and your future. As your lawyer, he will be aggressive and tenacious in fighting for you and achieving the best possible outcome.

Thorough And Diligent Representation

David will carefully review and investigate exactly how the incident occurred and if law enforcement carried out the stop and arrest properly. This includes evaluating:

  • The reason law enforcement pulled you over
  • The instructions you were given for the field sobriety test and how it was carried out
  • The manner in which the field sobriety test was administered
  • How any blood work or lab tests were taken

He will be diligent in investigating any violations of your constitutional rights and will work with the prosecutor to work for the most advantageous outcome possible.

Helping To Clear Your Criminal Record

For those who have received a misdemeanor DUI or other criminal conviction, there is the possibility that the offense could be expunged from their permanent criminal record. Without this, the offense would be visible to future employers, schools and housing opportunities. David can also handle expungements and deferred sentences to help you to clear your record and improve your future prospects.

Now Is The Time To Get Legal Guidance

If you have been arrested for a first-offense DUI, contact Oklahoma City attorney David W. Smith II as soon as possible to begin a solid defense against the charges and penalties. Call 405-544-3635 or send an online message using the form on this website. Initial 30-minute phone consultations are free, and you can meet over the phone or by using video chat.

  • “He saved my life and he worked with me to make it affordable. Not only was he a good attorney, he has been a good friend as well.” - John T.
  • “Excellent Attorney!” - Jonathan D.