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A Brief Look At Divorce

Divorce is a challenge in all 50 states, and each state handles that challenge a little differently. In Texas, the law will significantly impact much of what is ahead of you. The choices and direction of your divorce are completely up in the air, and you need guidance you can put your faith in to make the right choices.

Attorney David Smith helps clients in Texas and Oklahoma with all the problems they may have with family law as they go forward. He works hard to make you feel more in control of what is ahead of you and answer your questions. He will explain the family law issues in Texas or Oklahoma and help you find a way forward.

Divorce Requires A Lot Of Work

There are so many moving pieces to divorces in both Texas and Oklahoma. It’s not one agreement; it’s several working together to manage the aspects that are left over. Attorney David W. Smith guides his clients through such concerns as:

  • Child-related issues: Custody and child support tend to complicate every divorce much more than people anticipate.
  • Property division: Properly dividing the marital estate according to Texas or Oklahoma law is not simple and can take significant time.
  • Spousal support: Texas law around spousal support is extremely complex and always difficult.

Coordinating your divorce agreements and overcoming obstacles is highly stressful, but David will help you make sense of all your choices.

Contested Or Uncontested Divorce

One of the questions you may encounter very early in your divorce is the issue of contested or uncontested divorce. These concepts separate themselves by a simple test: Are the matters of the divorce settled in court or not? If you and your ex settle the major points in your divorce, including custody and who will get the home, it will be an uncontested divorce.

However, if one party disagrees with any part of the divorce process – up to and including the divorce itself – you will have a more difficult issue. Divorce litigation is notoriously stressful, and you do not want to face it alone.

Strength. Integrity. Attention.

Turn to David W. Smith II PLLC for an in-depth look at your divorce and a diligent representative on your side. As your divorce lawyer, David will work as hard for you as you need and pursue your goals with zeal and skill. Call 469-460-8980 to get started or send an email using this form.