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Standing Up For Fathers’ Rights In Texas And Oklahoma

The breakup of a relationship is hard on every parent. It can be especially difficult for fathers who may feel they have a disadvantage when asserting their rights. Thankfully, Oklahoma family laws have provisions for unmarried or divorcing fathers to protect their relationships with their children. A strong and experienced advocate can help you understand how to assert those laws.

Fathers’ rights lawyer David Smith protects the legal rights of fathers in all types of family law cases across Oklahoma. His services include assisting parents going through a divorce, in post-divorce proceedings such as modifications of child support or custody, in cases involving the relocation of children, as well guiding fathers involved in paternity actions. Whatever your situation, David seeks solutions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Book a free 30-minute consultation with David about your father’s rights case. Contact David W. Smith II PLLC via email or at 469-460-8980.

Fathers’ Rights in Oklahoma City And Dallas

Fathers’ rights issues commonly involve child custody. It is important to understand that courts base their decisions about this issue on “the best interests of the children.” While this may sound generalized, courts look at many factors surrounding the child’s home life, relationship with both parents, the ability of each parent to properly care for and nurture the child, and more. David can assist you in providing effective evidence of your involvement with your child that will protect the child’s best interests.

Evidence can include school records and statements from neighbors, family members, teachers, coaches, religious leaders, and friends. In some cases, David may also work with a guardian ad litem appointed by the court; this professional’s sole purpose is to represent the child’s interests. This is done by investigating the child’s home and life circumstances and providing a report to the court as to what custody arrangement would be optimum for the child.

Wherever possible, David seeks amicable resolutions through direct negotiation with the other side or through mediation. However, contested child custody cases often require litigation. In these cases, you can count on David for strong and aggressive trial advocacy to protect your rights as a father.

Unmarried Fathers

Unlike married fathers who divorce, unmarried fathers may first need to establish paternity before pursuing child custody or support action. David can help you through this process through appropriate legal measures to assist you in asserting your rights to equitable child custody arrangements and support.