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What Are Health Care Directives?

Health care directives are a set of legal documents that describe your wishes for your medical care. These documents are a basic set of ground rules for healthcare providers to follow if you cannot tell them what you wish.

At David W. Smith II PLLC, attorney David Smith is here to help people in Dallas and Oklahoma set their plans for the future. Health care directives are a major piece of your care solutions as you do your estate plan. He can answer your questions and provide you with the right information you need and answers to key questions like:

What is in advanced directives?

The set of documents included in advanced directives are:

  • Do not resuscitate orders
  • Do not medicate orders
  • Do not intubate orders
  • Organ donation

These documents are considered aspects of your living will.

Why is it beneficial to have health care directives?

Health care directives will direct your care when there is no one else to do it. Health care directives offer security in the event that an unexpected accident occurs. If you have established directives, first responders will know how to appropriately handle the situation.

How is an advanced medical directive different from a power of attorney?

In Texas and Oklahoma, a person with power of attorney can make your medical decisions for you when you cannot, provided you give them that power. However, the difference here is that your power of attorney is an individual you trust to act in your best interest. Your advanced directives are your exact choices.

It is a matter of whether you want to rely on your POA or have the plan settled for yourself.

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