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Skilled Guidance For Paternity Problems In Texas And Oklahoma

Unlike in a divorce, when unmarried parents need to establish child support, custody, and visitation, they must first establish paternity. Both unmarried mothers and fathers can take legal action through the courts to do this as a prerequisite to seeking court orders for support and custody arrangements. As in all matters involving children, it is vital to find legal solutions that are in your child’s best interests and that can be supported by the family court.

Parents in Dallas and the surrounding areas can turn to attorney David Smith for help in resolving this issue. David understands how vital this issue can be to the long-term well-being of children and to the parental relationships that are so vital to their successful upbringing and future. He is dedicated to finding customized solutions suited to each family’s individual circumstances.

Connect with David W. Smith II PLLC online or at 469-460-8980 to arrange for a free 30-minute phone consultation with Attorney David Smith about your case.

DNA Tests & Protecting Your Rights

Paternity can be pursued through a petition to the court and established thereafter through DNA testing. Once established, child-related legal issues can be sought and resolved by either parent.

All too often, individuals do not think about pursuing or questioning paternity, much less seeking help from a family law lawyer. For fathers, In addition to seeking visitation rights, you could also potentially be paying child support for a child that isn’t yours. No matter what the circumstances, legal advice and guidance can be beneficial to your case.

If a child’s parentage is not yet established, David will help you through the process of obtaining DNA tests. Based on those results, he will advocate on your behalf to establish custody, visitation, and support, or take other appropriate legal action. David has successfully handled countless cases involving paternity and its child-related issues for both unmarried mothers and fathers throughout the greater Dallas area.

Ensure your parental rights are not lost. Whether you need child support for a child born outside of marriage or you are a father seeking to assert your right to play a vital role in your child’s life, you can count on David W. Smith II PLLC for competent advocacy.