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Preserve Assets For Loved Ones And Charitable Organizations

Wills and trusts are powerful tools that allow individuals and families to pass on assets to loved ones or charitable organizations. With skilled legal guidance, you can leverage these options, to round out your estate plan and enjoy peace of mind that your loved ones will be financially cared for after you are gone.

David W. Smith II PLLC will help you understand your options for last will and testament, revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts, including how these documents can benefit your specific situation. Throughout the estate planning process, he will be available with answers and information to make you feel that you are in control.

Reasons To Create A Trust

Asset protection and avoiding taxes — Trusts can be used to structure your assets to protect them as much as possible from costly estate taxes.

Special needs — If you are a primary care giver of a special needs individual, or simply wish to financially provide for a special needs person, trusts allow you to dictate exactly how much will be left and how it will be dispensed for the individual’s care.

Protecting minors — If you have underage children, a trust can provide peace of mind that the minor will be financially provided for, should something happen to you and your spouse. A trust will allow you to name an executor who will oversee the distribution of the money on the terms that you have laid out.

Avoiding probate — Trusts are used by many people to structure their estate in a manner that will save loved ones the strain and cost of going through probate.

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